Wario Master of Disguise Game for the Nintendo DS

The most popular Super Mario spin-off, Wario, is getting a game port on the Nintendo Wii U, but more on that later.

Wario is a platform game that is much like Super Mario but he does have some unique abilities as well.

In this article, I will talk about Wario Master of Disguise Game for the Nintendo DS. This game will get a port on the Nintendo Wii and I will talk more about it later in the article.

So, what is the Wario Master of Disguise Game for the Nintendo DS all about? Well, the story revolves around Wario who was just chilling in his house when suddenly, he comes across a show about the Silver Zephyr.

The Silver Zephyr is a master of disguise and Wario was amazed by his skills. Jealous that the Zephyr has this ability, Wario creates a helmet that he calls “Telmet”. The Telmet will allow him to go inside a TV show and be a part of it.

Upon hijacking the Silver Zephyr’s TV show, Wario stole the Zephyr’s disguise changing wand called the “Goodstyle”. After looking at the vicinity, he notices that the Silver Zephyr is not in the studio but is actually in the port waiting to board his very own ocean liner.

Wario went to the port and confronted the Silver Zephyr. Upon seeing his disguise-changing wand, the Silver Zephyr fought Wario but was defeated.

The Silver Zephyr tries to reason with Wario but he ultimately decided to go for the ocean liner instead. It was then known that a piece of the “Wishstone” was aboard that ocean liner.

The Wishstone is a piece of an ancient tablet that grants wishes to anyone who wields the complete tablet.

After getting the piece of the Wishstone that was on the liner, Wario set out on a journey to get the remaining pieces of the Wishstone for himself.

During the course of his journey, he meets up with a thief named “Carpaccio” who was actually seeking the pieces of the Wishstone too.

He also meets a character named “Tiaramisu” who is actually a demon called “TerrorMisu”. Tiaramisu helps Wario in his journey at first but she was ultimately transformed back to her original form (she is the final boss of the game).

After defeating her, Wario unleashes the main count of Cannolis. The count wants to grant Wario his wishes because of his heroic efforts.

After making a wish, Wario returns to his own world only to find out that the treasures weren’t there and all of it was still on the TV show. He grabs his telmet and goes back to the TV and nothing was known after that.

The Wario Master of Disguise Game for the Nintendo DS is a little bit different because you will use the “Goodstyle” to transform Wario into different characters. Each character he transforms to has different powers and you will have to cycle through them in order to complete the level.

This game makes use of the D-pad and the ABXY buttons. All of the other prompts and commands can by the touchscreen.

Now, this game was originally made for the Nintendo DS but they will be releasing a remastered version for the Nintendo Wii U.

There are probably some other goodies that will come with the remastered edition such as new levels and bonuses but we will have to wait and see.

The Wario Master of Disguise Game for the Nintendo DS is a fun game and it is a popular one because it will get remastered for the Nintendo Wii U.